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Abe likely to give cabinet posts to his confidants

  • September 10, 2019
  • , All national papers
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All national papers published speculative pieces on Prime Minister Abe’s plan to reshuffle his cabinet tomorrow, projecting that LDP Executive Acting Secretary General Hagiuda and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Nishimura, both of whom are very close to the premier, will probably be given cabinet portfolios for the first time. Nishimura is likely to be tapped as minister in charge of economic revitalization. Taku Eto, who currently serves as special assistant to the prime minister, may be appointed agriculture minister. According to the papers and NHK, Abe also reportedly plans to replace Defense Minister Iwaya with Foreign Minister Kono, whose portfolio will probably be taken over by Economic Fiscal Policy Minister Motegi. Asahi explained that the prime minister has decided to retain Kono as a cabinet member to play up his administration’s commitment to the “continuity” of diplomatic and security policies.

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