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DPRK ready to hold nuclear talks with U.S.

All national dailies except Sankei took up a statement released yesterday by the North Korean vice foreign minister, who reportedly said the Kim regime is prepared to engage in “comprehensive discussions” with the U.S. in late September. The dailies interpreted the official’s remark to mean that Pyongyang may finally agree to resume negotiations on denuclearization. The DPRK diplomat reportedly indicated that the DPRK may choose to end denuclearization talks with Washington unless it presents a “counterproposal that accommodates North Korea,” an apparent euphemism for immediate sanctions relief.


In a related development, Sankei focused on remarks made to ABC News on Sunday by Secretary of State Pompeo. He reportedly noted that the U.S. is hoping to resume denuclearization talks with the North “in the coming days or perhaps weeks.” The top U.S. diplomat reportedly added that President Trump would be “very disappointed” if Chairman Kim didn’t return to the negotiating table or conducted missile tests, which he said are “inconsistent with the agreements” forged by the two leaders previously.

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