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South Korea seeks WTO ruling on Japan’s tighter export controls

  • September 11, 2019
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All TV networks reported on a high-ranking ROK trade official’s remark to the press this morning that the Moon administration has filed a suit with the WTO against Japan’s restrictions on exports of three types of sensitive semiconductor-related materials to South Korea. While claiming that Tokyo’s decision was a “politically motivated” attempt to change Seoul’s position on the forced labor dispute and hence violated WTO principles, the official urged Japan to enter bilateral talks, the first step in the WTO’s conflict resolution mechanism. The GOJ reportedly reacted strongly to South Korea’s move, with Trade Minister Seko dismissing the Korean argument by saying the Japanese measures are fully compatible with WTO rules since they were taken as a result of an internal review of the export control regime after a number of “improper cases” of exports of dual-use products were detected.

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