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Abe launches new cabinet

  • September 11, 2019
  • , All TV networks
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During their evening news programs all TV networks reported extensively on the launch of Prime Minister Abe’s new cabinet earlier in the day. At a post-reshuffle news conference, Abe vowed to ensure “stability” and take on “challenges” under the new cabinet. Referring to Motegi’s appointment as foreign minister, Kono as defense minister, and Kato as health minister, a political reporter at NHK speculated that the premier tapped these lawmakers who have expertise in policy issues to “achieve concrete results” in his remaining term in office. Concerning Abe’s desire to amend the Constitution, the reporter said that it will probably be difficult for him to achieve the goal before his term as LDP president expires two years from now. On TV Asahi’s “Hodo Station,” former Kyodo journalist Kenji Goto speculated that Chief Cabinet Suga’s presence in the cabinet has become even stronger after the appointment of Trade Minister Sugawara, Justice Minister Kawai, and Environment Minister Koizumi, who are said to be “close to Suga.” On TV Tokyo’s “World Business Satellite,” business news writer Tatsuo Yamakawa also said Suga’s influence appears to be growing.


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