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South Korea asks IOC to ban ‘Rising Sun’ flag

South Korea has asked the International Olympic Committee to ban what is known as the “Rising Sun” flag at next year’s Games in Tokyo.


The sports ministry said on Wednesday that it sent a letter, under the name of minister Park Yang-woo, to IOC chief Thomas Bach calling for the ban.


The flag in question displays a red sun with rays extending outward on a white background.


The ministry said the flag was used as a symbol of the military during Japan’s invasion of Asian countries starting in the late 19th century.


It said the flag is definitely a political symbol that recalls the historic scars and pain of the people of South Korea, China and Southeast Asian nations.


Last week, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the Tokyo organizing committee doesn’t see the flag as a political tool and claims it’s widely used in Japan.


Suga said he understands that the Tokyo committee is not considering banning the flag at venues.

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