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Cabinet support rises after reshuffle


Sankei and Mainichi reported on the results of a Kyodo poll conducted on Sept. 11-12 in which 55.4%, up 5.1 percentage points from the August poll, supported the Abe cabinet. Nonsupport stood at 25.7%. Some 47.1% opposed amending the Constitution during the Abe administration, while 38.8% approved of it.


Nikkei front-paged the results of the latest Nikkei-TV Tokyo survey conducted on Sept. 11-12, which showed that 45% of the respondents approved of the launch of a new cabinet and LDP leadership, while 30% disapproved. Concerning Prime Minister Abe’s desire to hold a national referendum on constitutional revision by September 2021 when his term as LDP president ends, 58% expressed support and 32% expressed opposition.


Regarding who they think is the most appropriate choice for the next prime minister, Environment Minister Koizumi received the highest rating among the 10 choices offered at 20%, followed by Abe at 16%, former Defense Minister Ishiba at 15%, Defense Minister Kono at 8%, LDP policy chief Kishida at 7%, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga at 7%.

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