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Low-tariff quota to be set for U.S. beef imports

Mainichi front-paged a story claiming that Japan has agreed to establish an annual quota of 242,000 tons for U.S. beef to be imported at a low-tariff rate. As U.S. beef imports amounted to 255,000 tons in FY2018, the daily projected that a very large volume of American beef may be imported at a low-tariff rate under the newly created quota. The annual quota is likely to be raised to 293,000 tons by FY2033. Pointing out that Japan also set a low-tariff quota of 600,000 tons for beef from TPP member states, the daily said the establishment of a similar quota for American beef will deal an additional blow to the Japanese cattle industry.  The article added that Japan is set to ask the TPP nations to reduce their 600,000-ton quota in order to mitigate farmers’ opposition to the alleged U.S.-Japan deal. 

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