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Chinese military briefed Japan on defense policy

  • September 18, 2019
  • English Press

NHK has learned that a Chinese military official visited Japan this month to brief Tokyo on China’s defense policy.


In July, China released a national defense white paper for the first time in four years.


In the report, China said US military strategy has damaged global stability, and vowed to further modernize its missiles and other military equipment.


Sources with knowledge of government affairs say an official from the Chinese military visited Japan’s foreign and defense ministries this month to directly explain the paper’s contents.


The official reportedly blamed irresponsible actions by the US for regional instability and said China increased its defense budget to deal with Taiwan-related issues and growing US involvement in the South China Sea.


Sources say the visit was the first of its kind by a Chinese official to Japan since China began issuing defense white papers in 1988.


An expert on China’s foreign strategy says the country apparently wants to make its dispute with the US look like one between the international community and the US.


The expert describes the briefing trip as a positive gesture, but says much of China’s defense policy still lacks transparency and requires continued monitoring.

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