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DPRK may be building SLBM-capable submarine

NHK reported this morning that analysis of the latest satellite images by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey and the satellite imaging company Planet Labs revealed that North Korea may be building a new type of submarine at a shipyard in Sinpo in the eastern part of the country. A comparison of images from Sept. 3, 12, and 19 apparently shows a new building measuring around 100 meters that covers almost the entire quay and adjacent waters. A building of this size is much longer than needed to house existing DPRK submarines. NHK reported that since this shipyard is said to be building a new type of submarine capable of launching SLBMs, experts believe that North Korea may indeed be preparing to launch such a submarine. Middlebury Institute senior researcher David Schmerler was quoted as saying that the new building will enable North Korea to build and renovate its submarines undetected and further advance its submarine-launched ballistic missile program.

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