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U.S., Japanese leaders unlikely to sign official trade accord

Today’s Yomiuri claimed that the U.S. and Japan will probably not be able to draft a final trade pact for official signing by President Trump and Prime Minister Abe when they meet in New York tomorrow because legal review of the draft language is still ongoing. As a result, the two leaders will probably not seal a formal accord and instead sign a document confirming their commitment to the final deal. In the document, the two sides are set to affirm that the Trump administration will not impose additional tariffs on Japanese auto imports at least for the time being.


Sankei and Mainichi ran similar articles, with the former claiming that the GOJ’s screening of the final document from a legal perspective is being delayed due to frequent U.S. requests for changes to the language of the draft. The legal review will reportedly be completed by early October. Mainichi added that Japan has been on the defensive in bilateral trade negotiations in the face of President Trump’s hinting the U.S. may hike duties on Japanese cars, saying Tokyo apparently made major concessions on U.S. beef imports and Japanese car exports.      

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