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  • September 24, 2019
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NHK led with a report on yesterday’s start of the UN General Assembly, which was marked by global demonstrations by young people demanding global-warming countermeasures. TV Asahi, TBS, and Fuji TV reported on the murder of a couple and the wounding of their son and daughter in Sakaemachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, shortly after midnight on Saturday. NTV reported on a man who fled by car while being questioned by the police.


Main front-page items in national papers include the opening of the UN Climate Change summit in New York, a GOJ idea to invest $10 billion in partnership with local commercial enterprises for the development of LNG platforms across the world, a GOJ plan to offer subsides for repair of homes in Chiba Prefecture damaged by a recent typhoon, and a GOJ decision to provide the Philippine military first responder equipment for use in disaster relief operations.   


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