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Gov’t seeking to present about 15 bills to extraordinary Diet session

  • September 23, 2019
  • , Nikkei , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

The government is making arrangements to submit about 15 bills to the extraordinary Diet session, which will be convened on Oct. 4. These will include the approval of a trade deal that Japan and the U.S. aim to seal at their leaders’ summit to be held on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly and a law that prepares for debate on constitutional revision. (Abridged)

Main bills for submission to the extraordinary Diet session

Laws and treaties sponsored by the government

Revisions to Companies Act

To require listed firms to nominate outside directors

Revisions to special legislation on teachers’ wages

To aim to rectify the practice of longer working hours by school teachers

Revisions to Act on Remuneration of Officials in the Regular Service

To revise wages of civil service employees based on a proposal by the National Personnel Authority

Japan-U.S. trade pact

To lower import tariffs on beef and pork to Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement levels

Laws sponsored by legislators

Revisions to national referendum law

(currently being deliberated)

To build an environment similar to that of national elections for conducting national referendums. This would include advance voting, etc. based on the Public Offices Election Act.

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