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Okinawa not pleased with conclusion of Coast Guard probe into 2016 Osprey crash

Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa Times gave prominent front- and inside-page coverage to the Japan Coast Guard’s  decision yesterday to send criminal papers to the prosecutors regarding the crash of an Osprey in waters off Nago in 2016 without identifying the pilots responsible for the accident because it has been unable to obtain the U.S. military’s cooperation in the investigations. While the JCG is now seeking to have the case tried on the charge of an act that endangered aviation safety, Okinawa Times projected that the prosecutors are unlikely to indict anyone. The papers underscored that local officials and residents claimed the JCG probe was “insufficient” in the absence of cooperation from the U.S. military. They reportedly said that the SOFA once again stood in the way of a viable Japanese investigation.

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