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NHK interviews Osaka Consul General Kelley on women in Kansai

NHK Kansai aired an interview with Karen Kelley, the first female U.S. consul general in Osaka, on Thursday evening. Kelley remarked on the progress women have made in social participation over the 23 years since she first served as a diplomat in Osaka. She said her aim is to emulate Osaka’s famed obachan (middle-aged women) and that she truly loves their trademark leopard-print garment. She praised Osaka women for their outstanding communication skill, energy, and leadership and said that it is good for women to be strong because strong women and girls are an asset for society. She urged Kansai women to exercise even greater leadership for the region’s development. Based on her own experience as a single mother, Kelley encouraged Kansai women to have greater confidence in themselves and never feel they are alone. She said the improvement in women’s social status is the fruit of the hard work of many women, so women must continue to make further efforts. 

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