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Defense White Paper stresses request for amelioration of FMS, which favor U.S.

  • September 28, 2019
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

By Takashi Shoka


The FY2019 Defense White Paper includes a statement stressing that Japan is requesting the U.S. to improve the cost transparency of “Foreign Military Sales (FMS),” under which Japan purchases weapons through the U.S. government. The same statement was also made in the FY2018 report.


The FY2019 Defense White Paper describes the issue in a section titled “Promoting initiatives toward the streamlining of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) procurement.” The section describes the merit of the program, saying it enables Japan to procure highly functional equipment which can only be manufactured by the United States. The section then goes on to say that “there are FMS-related challenges,” such as ensuring cost transparency and late case closures. The same statement was made in last fiscal year’s report. Specific efforts for streamlining FMS procurement include “attempting to improve cost transparency, reduce costs, and enhance execution management by strengthening cooperation with the U.S.”


Various issues with the FMS framework have been pointed out, including the fact that it leaves open the potential for the U.S. to make unilateral changes because it is not bound by the contract price and delivery deadline. The FMS-related procurement costs in the budget requests for next fiscal year come to 501.3 billion yen, thus continuing to be at a high level.

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