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“Need to monitor LNG prices” after Saudi attack, Japan Gas Association chair

  • September 27, 2019
  • , NIKKEI Business Daily , p. 7
  • JMH Translation

Japan Gas Association Chairperson and Tokyo Gas Chairman Michiaki Hirose said, “We need to keep our eye on the prices of liquefied natural gas (LNG)” with the [recent] attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. He made the remark at the association’s regular press conference.


The Middle East situation is cloaked in uncertainty after the drone attacks on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities on Sept. 14. Chairman Hirose said, “The gas industry depends on the Middle East for only a small percentage of its LNG, so we are not concerned about supply. In terms of prices, however, LNG is linked to crude oil. We hope to see the price settle at an appropriate level.” (Abridged)



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