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LDP displeased with Abe’s lukewarm response to DPRK missile launch

All national papers wrote that Prime Minister Abe on Wednesday condemned the latest DPRK missile launch by saying that it constituted a breach of UN Security Council resolutions. However, Asahi pointed out that Abe may have avoided talking about the need to apply “pressure” out of deference to President Trump’s conciliatory line toward the Kim regime. The Abe administration is also reportedly hesitant to use tough language to avoid provoking North Korea since the premier is hoping to meet with Chairman Kim in person to resolve the abductions. LDP lawmakers are reportedly displeased with what they view as the Kantei’s lukewarm response, with Secretary General Nikai telling the press: “We must let the international community know that Japan was upset. The current situation does not warrant a conciliatory stance” toward Pyongyang. In a gathering yesterday to discuss the latest DPRK provocation, the ruling party’s defense clique reportedly emphasized the importance of applying greater pressure on North Korea and the need to step up the nation’s deterrence capability while raising doubts about the United States’ “nuclear umbrella.” 

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