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Suga, Motegi comment on DPRK missile launch, denuclearization talks

NHK reported that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters this morning that what is important is that the agreement reached between the leaders of the United States and the DPRK in June last year will be fully and swiftly implemented and that Japan will back the U.S.-DPRK process for denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. Suga reportedly added that North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile is extremely regrettable because it violates relevant UN Security Council resolutions and that Japan is making utmost efforts to gather and analyze information and coordinate closely with the United States. Concerning Defense Minister Kono’s earlier statement that the projectile fired by North Korea appears to be a new type of SLBM, Suga reportedly said that Pyongyang is seeking to upgrade its missile development technology and that Japan regards this as a serious issue for the international community.


NHK also reported on remarks made to the press by Foreign Minister Motegi this morning. He reportedly said that the latest missile launch by the DPRK is extremely regrettable because it violates UN Security Council resolutions. Motegi added that Japan will coordinate closely with the United States and South Korea in analyzing information and work together with the international community, including China and Russia, toward denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. Concerning the denuclearization talks slated for Saturday, the foreign minister said that Japan will support the U.S.-DPRK process, adding that Tokyo hopes to maintain close communication with Washington.

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