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U.S. allegedly proposed conditionally easing sanctions on DPRK

Monday’s Yomiuri ran a report from Seoul claiming that it has learned from an unnamed source connected to U.S.-Japan-ROK relations that the United States allegedly proposed to the DPRK during their denuclearization talks in Stockholm on Oct. 5 partially easing UN sanctions in exchange for the DPRK taking substantial denuclearization measures and promising to completely denuclearize. The paper speculated that a temporary suspension of the ban on the export of coal and textiles was one of the measures included in the proposal. The paper alleged that this proposal is what the Department of State was referring to when it mentioned in a statement issued after the talks between Special Envoy for North Korea Biegun and Kim Myong Gil in Stockholm that the U.S. brought “creative ideas” to the meeting. The paper wrote that this was the first time for the Trump administration to propose easing sanctions. The paper claimed that the United States set two preconditions for removing the sanctions. First, North Korea would have to promise to hand over all of its nuclear weapons and materials to the United States and completely dismantle its nuclear facilities and facilities related to biological and chemical weapons and ballistic missiles. Second, the DPRK would need to completely dismantle its nuclear facilities in Yongbyon and take substantial steps toward suspension of its uranium enrichment.


The paper speculated that Washington allegedly expressed readiness to partially lift UN sanctions, allow the provision of humanitarian economic assistance, and agree to issue a declaration of the end of the Korean War as assurances for the current regime in exchange for Pyongyang meeting these two preconditions. The paper wrote that the DPRK responded to the alleged proposal by saying the conditions were too demanding and the sanctions should be lifted completely. According to the source, although the United States proposed holding a fourth summit by the end of this year, the DPRK said it will not hold another summit unless Washington accepts its request for a step-by-step approach.

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