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President Trump sends congratulatory message on imperial enthronement

All national dailies except Asahi published a message released by President Trump celebrating the imperial enthronement on Tuesday. The U.S. leader was quoted as saying: “The advent of the imperial era known as ‘Reiwa’ … comes at a time in which the bonds of friendship between the American and Japanese people have never been stronger. Our global partnership is an unshakeable pillar of peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region and the world.”


TBS aired an interview with Transportation Secretary Chao, who represented the USG at the enthronement ceremony. She reportedly said it was a perfect ceremony based on tradition and history and that Japan was able to introduce a great deal of its culture to the world by inviting guests and broadcasting the event. Nikkei wrote that Secretary Chao plans to pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Abe today.    


In a related development, Mainichi wrote that Foreign Minister Motegi spoke by phone with Secretary of State Pompeo last night and expressed gratitude for President Trump’s message on the imperial enthronement. The Japanese minister also conveyed Japan’s intention to deploy an SDF unit to the Middle East independent of the U.S. plan to form a multinational coalition to protect critical waterways in the region. The two officials reportedly confirmed greater mutual coordination to ease tensions and ensure stability in the region. Nikkei also reported on the teleconference. 

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