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Gorbachev comments on potential presence of U.S. nuclear weapons in Okinawa

Monday’s Ryukyu Shimpo led with its recent one-on-one interview with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow. The paper wrote that when asked whether he has information about the possibility of the United States still deploying nuclear weapons in Okinawa, Gorbachev did not provide a clear answer but pointed out the need to verify the possibility. The paper asserted that the former Soviet leader expressed skepticism about whether U.S. nuclear weapons were removed from Okinawa upon its reversion to Japanese administration in 1972. The paper also wrote that Gorbachev expressed strong concern about the possibility of the United States deploying medium-range missiles in Japan and other parts of Asia.


The paper ran in its Sunday edition an interview with TASS military observer Viktor Litovkin. During the interview, Litovkin commented on the possibility of the United States deploying mid-range missiles in Japan, including Okinawa, by saying that Russia is interested in the U.S. deployment of mid-range cruise missiles and mid- to short-range ballistic missiles in Europe and Asia and that Moscow will target sites hosting U.S. Tomahawk and other missiles. 

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