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Kantei to take initiative in ensuring economic security

  • October 29, 2019
  • , Nikkei
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Nikkei published a prominent inside-page story on the Abe administration’s plan to establish within the National Security Secretariat a new unit tasked with handling economic and trade issues, saying that the initiative is intended to tighten relevant regulations to enhance economic security. The taskforce will be comprised of some ten government officials specializing in energy and cybersecurity and is set to review existing rules, regulations, and standards in such areas as investment, telecommunications, and cyberspace with the goal of preventing the outflow of intellectual property. The Kantei is reportedly hoping that the unit will help enhance coordination with the United States. The NSC in countering China’s aggressive pursuit of technological hegemony. The daily added that the GOJ will need to address the concerns held by local businesses that tougher regulations could hinder their operations.

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