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Upper House leader demands apology from ROK counterpart over remarks on Emperor

Sankei front-paged a finding that Upper House President Santo has sent a letter to her South Korean counterpart asking him to apologize for his previous remarks demanding that then-Emperor Akihito offer an apology to the former comfort women. The Japanese politician reportedly stated that she will not hold individual talks with National Assembly Speaker Moon when he visits Tokyo on Nov. 4 to attend the G20 Speakers’ meeting that she plans to host. Santo has reportedly criticized Moon’s remarks as “extremely rude and unacceptable.”


In a related development, Asahi and Sankei took up the disclosure by South Korean Foreign Minister Kang at the National Assembly on Wednesday that President Moon expressed hope to hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Abe in a letter that Premier Lee delivered to the Japanese leader in Tokyo last week. The top Korean diplomat added that such a meeting would be premised upon an “event that would bridge the gap” between the two capitals over such prolonged disputes as the requisitioned workers and export control issues.

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