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Chile cancels APEC leaders’ summit in November

  • October 31, 2019
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All national dailies highlighted an announcement made by the Chilean government yesterday that it has decided to call off this year’s APEC leaders’ summit and COP25 conference scheduled for mid-November in Santiago on the grounds that the government “has to concentrate on domestic affairs.” The dailies explained that social unrest and anti-government demonstrations have continued for months following a hike in subway fares. Noting that President Trump had been aiming to negotiate a trade deal with Chinese President Xi on the sidelines of the event and that he will not attend the upcoming East Asia Summit in the Thai capital, Nikkei projected that U.S. diplomacy toward Asia may become stalled. Yomiuri said Prime Minister Abe’s planned meetings with the Chinese and other leaders on the margins of the summit will be cancelled, adding that he may also have to reschedule a side trip to Brazil that he had been planning.

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