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GOJ officials committed to quickly rebuilding Shuri Castle

  • November 1, 2019
  • , NHK
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NHK took up remarks made to the press this morning by Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga and other cabinet ministers regarding the tragic fire that destroyed most of Shuri Castle in Okinawa. Calling the castle an extremely important symbol for Okinawa, Suga stressed that the Abe administration will do whatever it can to rebuild it, including earmarking the necessary funds. Prime Minister Abe also reportedly pledged his utmost efforts for reconstructing the castle quickly. During a meeting with Okinawa Governor Tamaki, who is currently visiting Tokyo in a hastily-arranged trip to ask the central government to support the swift reconstruction of the castle, Minister of State for Okinawa Affairs Eto said the GOJ will explore a reconstruction system that enables people across Japan to unite. The official reportedly expressed hope to visit Okinawa in the near future to witness the devastation firsthand. Komeito Secretary General Saito reportedly urged the administration to allocate funds in a supplementary budget for this fiscal year to demonstrate the ruling coalition’s commitment to swiftly rebuilding the castle.


The broadcaster added that various donation campaigns for rebuilding Shuri Castle have already been launched around the country, including in Okinawa, Tokyo, Kumamoto, and Wakayama. 

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