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  • November 7, 2019
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NHK and TV Asahi led with reports on water supply disruptions at Haneda Airport since yesterday, saying that the airport operator is still investigating the cause. NTV and Fuji TV gave top coverage to the arrest of former Olympic snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo on suspicion of smuggling marijuana. TBS led with a report on the arrest of former entertainer Masashi Tashiro for allegedly possessing illegal stimulants.


Major front-page items in national dailies included the SoftBank Group’s first quarterly loss in 14 years, a GOJ plan to release the minutes of Education Ministry panel discussions on the use of private-sector English tests as part of college entrance exams, the dissolution of the UK House of Commons yesterday for a general election on Dec. 12, Taiwan’s program to develop mid-range ballistic missiles in the late 1990s as a deterrent against China, and the Naha Firefighters Headquarters’ announcement yesterday that the Shuri Castle fire probably started because of a problem with electrical equipment.

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