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Japanese, Koreans pessimistic about fate of GSOMIA

  • November 18, 2019
  • , NTV, Fuji TV
  • JMH Summary

NTV reported that a public opinion survey conducted in South Korea over the weekend showed that 55.4% of respondents, up 7.1 points from a survey conducted on Nov. 6, said that the ROK government should uphold its decision to terminate the GSOMIA defense intelligence sharing pact with Japan. Some 33.2%, down 4.4 points, said that the ROK government should rescind the decision. Meanwhile, Fuji TV reported on a public opinion poll conducted in Japan on Nov. 16-17. Regarding GSOMIA, 14% of the Japanese respondents said that the pact should be maintained, while 68% said there is no choice but to terminate the agreement. When asked whether Prime Minister Abe should hold bilateral talks with President Moon soon to improve the strained ties between their nations, 34% said the two leaders should meet soon, while 58% said an early meeting is not necessary.

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