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  • November 22, 2019
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NHK led with a report on last-minute efforts to prevent the Japan-ROK GSOMIA defense data sharing arrangement from expiring. TV Asahi and Fuji TV gave top coverage to a fire on the Tomei Expressway in Shizuoka Prefecture. NTV led with a follow-up report on the arrest of actress Erika Sawajiri for drug possession. TBS aired a follow-up report on a Japanese comedian who has stopped performing due to a scandal over his connection with organized crime.


Major front-page items in national dailies included a GOJ plan to expand a tax exemption scheme for stock investment by individuals, a report on the spread across Japan of fire ants from China, and a finding that numerous Fukui prefectural government officials received cash and gifts from a former deputy mayor of a Fukui town that hosts a nuclear power station.  

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