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DPFP decides to enter merger talks with CDPJ

  • December 12, 2019
  • , Jiji Press , 10:16 p.m,
  • English Press
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Tokyo, Dec. 12 (Jiji Press)–The Democratic Party for the People decided at an executive meeting on Thursday to enter merger talks with the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.

The DPFP, the second-largest Japanese opposition party, decided to entrust party chief Yuichiro Tamaki and Secretary-General Hirofumi Hirano with the handling of the merger issue.

Participants at the meeting also agreed to ask the CDPJ, the largest opposition party, to engage in discussions with the DPFP on an equal footing on setting the name of the merged party and deciding appointments of key party posts.

Later in the day, the DPFP held a meeting of its lawmakers in both chambers of the Diet, the country’s parliament, attended by 38 members. Some of them called for a merger by the end of the year.

But others, especially from the House of Councillors, the upper chamber, were cautious, with one member saying, “A merger on an equal footing would be impossible.” Another said, “Conservative voters will leave us, and it’ll be harder to win power.”

The party will convene a meeting of local representatives on Sunday to gather their opinions. The DPFP plans to engage in merger talks with the CDPJ based on the ideas collected at the gathering.

After the meeting of party lawmakers, Tamaki met with political heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa at the DPFP headquarters and reported the decision to enter merger talks with the CDPJ. Ozawa, currently a DPFP lawmaker in the House of Representatives, the lower chamber, told reporters that he expects the negotiations to “go well.”

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