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China possibly ratcheting up pressure on Japan 

Mainichi reported on Friday that several sources disclosed that China has deployed anti-ship missiles on its coast in coordination with its patrol ships’ intrusions into Japanese territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands. The paper said that since the China Coast Guard became a military organization in July 2018, China’s patrol ships have been operating in sync with its armed forces in order to keep Japan in check. The daily wrote that although China had previously limited the frequency of its patrol ships entering Japanese waters near the Senkakus to once or twice a month, the intrusions have increased to three times a month since the beginning of 2019. The paper said that although the operations of the coast guard and military were not coordinated in the past, China now deploys anti-ship missiles on its coast when the patrol ships enter the Japanese waters and flies bombers over the area. The paper pointed out that the Japanese government is increasing its vigilance since China could be ratcheting up pressure against Japan by demonstrating that its patrol boats are able to operate in sync with the army and air force. 

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