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PM Abe decides to postpone his visit to Middle East

  • January 8, 2020
  • , NTV, Fuji TV, TV Asahi
  • JMH Summary

NTV reported at noon that according to several GOJ officials, Prime Minister Abe has decided to postpone his visit to the Middle East scheduled to start on Jan. 11 as the situation in the region is becoming increasingly tense. Fuji TV said the GOJ has decided to cancel Abe’s visit to the region, while TV Asahi said the GOJ is considering postponing the visit, quoting a senior GOJ official as saying: “If an American were killed, the situation could take a sudden turn for the worse.” The network added that NSC chief Kitamura left for Washington this morning for talks with National Security Advisor O’Brien and other officials on the Middle East situation.   


NTV said the GOJ convened a National Security Council meeting this morning at which the premier ordered his deputies to swiftly collect intelligence in order to provide appropriate information to the public. On the U.S. military’s killing of General Soliemani, the network said some within the GOJ and the ruling parties are questioning the decision by President Trump by saying the commander was a national hero in Iran and the move will turn all the Iranian people against the U.S. Noting that Japan enjoys friendly relations with both the United States and Iran and relies on the Middle East for about 80% of its crude oil supply, the network said Japan will need to make further diplomatic efforts to ease tensions.

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