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GOJ mulls restricting foreigners’ land purchases

  • January 22, 2020
  • , Nikkei
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Nikkei wrote that Japan has begun mulling the restriction of land purchases by foreign nationals and entities. Under the idea, land purchases near national security-related facilities, including nuclear power plants and U.S. military and SDF bases, would undergo prior screening. The paper wrote that anyone can currently buy or sell land in Japan in principle, but there are concerns about foreign parties purchasing property near sensitive infrastructure. According to the paper, the Defense Ministry found in a 2013 survey that foreign nationals and businesses were involved in property transactions in areas near SDF facilities in Hokkaido and Nagasaki Prefecture. The GOJ reportedly plans to put together an outline of the restrictions for inclusion in its basic guidelines on economic policy and reforms to be finalized in June and prepare related legislation to be submitted to the ordinary Diet session in 2021.

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