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U.S. Marine participating in Japan-U.S. joint drill causes fender-bender in Tomakomai

A U.S. Marine who is participating in a Japan-U.S. joint exercise that began on Jan. 22 in Hokkaido caused a rear-end collision while on duty at an intersection on a national road in Tomakomai City earlier this month, sources informed the Tomakomai Minpo.


According to the Hokkaido Defense Bureau, a rental car driven by the male Marine officer rear-ended a regular vehicle waiting for the traffic light to change at an intersection on a national road in the city’s Misawa district at about 7:05 a.m. on Jan. 9.


The driver of the regular vehicle sustained no injuries, but his condition is reportedly being monitored by a medical institution. The Marine was not injured either. He was on his way to Tomakomai Port to transport supplies there and prepare for the joint exercise.


The joint training will be held until Feb. 8 in such areas as the Hokkaido training areas, straddling the four cities of Sapporo, Kitahiroshima, Eniwa, and Chitose. U.S. Marines have been sent to the region to participate in the joint exercise since the beginning of this month.


A spokesperson of the Hokkaido Defense Bureau said, “We’ll request that all possible measures be taken for safety control to avoid causing anxiety among the local community.”

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