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DUI-related arrests involving U.S. military personnel in Okinawa increase

  • January 23, 2020
  • , Ryukyu Shimpo
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Ryukyu Shimpo wrote that according to data compiled by the Okinawa Prefectural Government, the number of U.S. military personnel arrested in Okinawa on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol last year increased to 38 from 24 in the previous year. According to the prefectural government, the number of such arrests has increased for four straight years. Among the 38 arrests, 21 involved Marines. The paper noted that the U.S. military in Okinawa greatly relaxed its “liberty regulations” in February 2019. The prefectural government conveyed the data to the Defense Ministry’s Okinawa Bureau and the U.S. military by phone when it asked them to take measures to prevent its personnel from driving under the influence of alcohol in response to the arrest of a Marine on Jan. 19 in Uruma on suspicion of DUI.

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