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Kumamoto estimates Japan-U.S. trade deal will sap 7.7 billion-yen worth of prefecture’s farm output

  • January 23, 2020
  • , NIKKEI Business Daily , p. 10
  • JMH Translation

KUMAMOTO – The prefecture government of Kumamoto recently calculated the potential impact of the Japan-U.S. trade agreement, which was effectuated on Jan. 1, on the prefecture’s farm, forestry, and fisheries products and estimated that output will drop by 4 to 7.7 billion yen. The prefecture estimates that beef will take the largest hit ranging from 2.14 to 4.18 billion yen. Pork output is also estimated to drop by between 830 million yen and 1.66 billion yen.


The calculation was made based on the government’s December 2019 estimate (on 33 items that are subject to a tariff of 10% or more and generate domestic output of 1 billion yen or more). The prefecture factored in indigenous characteristics and other elements in its calculation. (Abridged)

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