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Usage of fake IDs to take Japanese proficiency tests rampant in Vietnam

  • January 21, 2020
  • , Yomiuri , p. 31
  • JMH Translation

There are more and more cases today of Vietnamese coming to Japan on a student visa while their actual objective is to work in the country. Accompanying this trend, an increasing number of Vietnamese visa applicants are using fake IDs to pass the Japanese language test they take in Vietnam as a requirement to apply for a student visa.


The Ministry of Justice requires foreigners who want to study the Japanese language in Japan to acquire minimum language skills and submit their proficiency certificates to confirm they “have the intent to study abroad in Japan.” In the five-level Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted by the Japan Foundation and other institutes, examinees must pass “N5,” the most basic level. In addition to this test, nine other proficiency tests sponsored by private organizations have also been endorsed as official tests to certify examinee proficiency.


Of these proficiency tests, four tests draw more than 3,000 examinees a year in Vietnam. In 2018, a total of over 60,000 people took these four tests. Yomiuri Shimbun learned that the organizers of three of the tests have found examinees engaging in fraudulent practices with many of them using forged IDs to take the tests. (Abridged)  

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