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Tokyo High Court orders metropolitan gov’t to pay compensation for not providing meal to suspect

  • January 17, 2020
  • , Mainichi , p. 25
  • JMH Translation

On Jan. 15, the Tokyo High Court overturned a district court ruling and ordered the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to pay 11,000 yen in compensation to a male inmate who had sued the metropolitan government, demanding it pay him 150,000 yen in state compensation for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s failure to provide him supper on the day he was arrested. The judge said that “police officers have the responsibility of asking suspects whether they would like a meal.”


According to the ruling, the man was issued a warrant of arrest in an intimidation case that the Hachioji Police Station was investigating. In March 2018, he voluntarily accompanied the police to the Ueno Police Station, where he was arrested. That same day, he was taken to the Hachioji Police Station for questioning. After the questioning, he spent the night in a police cell. The following morning, he said he had not been provided a meal the previous evening and he was given breakfast.


In the lawsuit, the metropolitan government claimed that “there is no law that requires the provision of meals to suspects.” The Tokyo District Court, the court of first instance, rejected the man’s claim. (Abridged)

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