The government said the figure, announced exactly six months prior to the games, covered 65 projects directly linked to the massive international event, compared with 340 projects reflected in the estimate by the board.


The 266.9 billion yen was larger than 150 billion yen initially estimated for the same period by the government but far less than 1.06 trillion yen claimed by the board.


The government also said the same day it estimates the budget related to the Tokyo Games between fiscal 2013 and 2020 will total 277.7 billion yen.


It includes some 115.6 billion yen spent for measures to strengthen athletes’ competitiveness, 51.7 billion yen for operating the Japan Sport Council and 50.2 billion yen for security, it said.


The overall cost of hosting the games, including the amount shouldered by the Tokyo government, is expected to be 1.35 trillion yen, according to the fourth budget plan announced last month. It covers costs for preparing for potential natural disasters as well as a rise in labor costs.