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Former SoftBank employee arrested for leaking information to Russia

  • January 26, 2020
  • , All national papers
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The Sunday editions of all national papers wrote that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested a former employee of Japanese telecom giant SoftBank on Saturday on suspicion of illegally obtaining business secrets. The 49-year-old suspect allegedly gave memory devices containing classified data he downloaded from a SoftBank computer server to Tokyo-based Russian government officials on several occasions in return for cash before he was fired late last year. The stolen data was reportedly related to SoftBank’s telecommunications technology, but the company said it was “not highly classified” information. According to the articles, the police have asked the Russian Embassy to have the two diplomats report to the police for questioning, but one of them has already returned to Russia.


While claiming that Russia has been actively conducting industrial espionage by targeting Japanese commercial enterprises lately, Yomiuri noted that the Russian Embassy posted a message on Facebook dismissing the Japanese allegation.


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