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Okinawa election in June to determine speed of FRF construction

  • January 25, 2020
  • , Nikkei
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Saturday’s Nikkei reported that the Okinawa prefectural assembly election scheduled for June is likely to have a significant impact on the construction of the Futenma replacement facility off Camp Schwab, as politicians close to Governor Tamaki currently hold a comfortable majority in the local legislature. The assembly endorsed the local government’s moves to file lawsuits against the central government to block the relocation initiative by funding the litigation costs. If LDP-backed and other conservative politicians were to clinch a majority in the June race, it would become difficult for the governor to continue waging these legal battles. Since the GOJ is expected to ask Tamaki in the near future to accept an FRF design change for the large-scale engineering work needed to fortify the soft seabed in the vicinity, the daily said the FRF construction may be delayed further depending on the results of the summer election.

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