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Gist of interpellations at Upper House plenary sessions, Jan. 24, 2020

The following is the gist of Prime Minister’s responses to interpellations at the House of Councillors plenary session on Jan. 24: 


Japan-South Korea relations


I hope to build a future-oriented bilateral relationship where the promises made between the two nations are kept.


North Korea


I will proactively address the very important issue of the abductions with an eye to resolution.


Constitutional amendment


I strongly hope that the Commissions on the Constitution will see active debate on the revision of the national referendum law and the content of constitutional amendments.


Consumption tax


The recent increase in the consumption tax was necessary for Japan to transform its social security system into one that meets the needs of all generations.


Integrated resorts (IRs)


We will move forward with necessary preparations based on the law.


Global warming countermeasures


We will endeavor to shift to the use of clean gas and phase out inefficient coal energy.


New type of coronavirus


We are taking measures to implement thorough-going measures at our borders and to secure the safety of Japanese nationals traveling to or staying in [Wuhan and surrounding areas].


Quantum computers


Our efforts to accelerate technological innovation and increase R&D investment were inadequate.


Rapid increase in number of foreigners

We have surveyed the situation in other countries and the measures they have taken and are taking steps based on our findings.


Export of agricultural, forestry and fisheries products


In the menu at Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Athletes’ Village, we will incorporate food produced by the three prefectures struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This will lead to the elimination of the damage suffered to the prefectures’ reputations and communicate that Japan has healthy food.




5G will have a major impact on every field. We will come up with a national strategy for 5G. 


Network of proposed Shinkansen lines


We will develop a highly convenient Shinkansen network at an early date. (Abridged)

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