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Over half would like to see LH dissolved by year-end, 72% do not want to see Trump reelected, Nikkei poll

In the nationwide public opinion survey conducted by the Nikkei on Jan. 24–26, respondents were asked when the Lower House should be dissolved and a general election held. A total of over 50% said that they should be done in 2020, with 17% saying “by this summer,” and 35% saying “between this autumn and the end of the year.” Some 35% said that the dissolution and general election should be done “next year.”


Only 8% of Liberal Democratic Party supporters said “by this summer” while 36% said “between this autumn and the end of the year” and 46% said “next year.” In contrast, among those backing the main opposition party Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, slightly under 40% said “between this autumn and the end of the year” and that same percentage said “next year.”


Less than two years remain in the terms of the current members of the Lower House. Moreover, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s term as LDP president ends in September 2021, so the question of when the Lower House will be dissolved and a general election held has become a focus of interest.


Prime Minister Abe has said, “I will not hesitate to dissolve the Lower House and call a general election if I feel the time has come to seek a new mandate from the people in order to move politics forward.”


When do you think the Lower House should be dissolved and a general election held?


By this summer

Between this autumn and the end of the year

Next year





Cabinet supporters




Cabinet nonsupporters





72% say they do not want to see President Trump reelected


The poll probed views on U.S. President Donald Trump’s reelection in the U.S. presidential election this November. Some 72% said that they would not like to see him reelected, while only 18% said they would.


Among cabinet supporters, 29% said they would like to see Trump reelected while only 8% of those not supporting the cabinet gave that answer. By age group, over 20% of those age 18–29, those in their 30s, and those in their 40s said they would like the current U.S. president reelected to office, while under 20% of those in their 50s or over gave that response.


[Polling methodology: The survey was conducted by Nikkei Research on Jan. 24–26, 2020, and received 992 responses for a response rate of 41.3%.]

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