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  • February 10, 2020
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Most networks led with reports that the Health Ministry announced on Sunday that the test results for 57 additional people on board the Diamond Princess became available and six of them were found to be infected with the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of infected people on board to 70. One of the six people is an American passenger in her 70s who lives in Hong Kong and the other five are crewmembers from the Philippines and Ukraine. According to the reports, all six have been transferred to medical institutions and none of them have serious symptoms. NHK also reported that eight other people onboard the ship who are not infected with the virus have fallen ill and have been transferred to hospitals. The network said about 3,600 people remain on the cruise ship, about half of whom are in their 70s or older. NTV reported that while the medications requested by about 500 passengers were delivered on Sunday, many passengers are still waiting for theirs.


Several networks reported that the operator of the Diamond Princess announced on Sunday that it will offer a full refund of the fees paid by the passengers for the cruise and the extra 14 days.


Fuji TV led with a report that Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu won the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships on Sunday.


No newspapers were published this morning because of a press holiday.

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