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Prime minister’s schedule on Feb 7, 2020

  • February 8, 2020
  • , Sankei , p. 4
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Feb 7, 2020


Left his official residence.


Arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office [Kantei].

08:33 – 08:42

Held a cabinet meeting.

10:32 – 10:50

Received a written proposal from LDP Policy Research Council Chairperson Fumio Kishida and chief Norihisa Tamura of the headquarters for dealing with pneumonia related to the novel coronavirus.

10:52 – 11:34

Met with Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary Hajime Hayashi, MOFA Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Akiba and MOD Administrative Vice-Minister Kenichi Takahashi.


Left the Kantei.


Arrived at the National Theater in Tokyo’s Hayabusacho district. Attended and gave a speech at the national convention campaigning for the return of the Northern Territories.


Left the theater.


Arrived at the Kantei.

13:54 – 14:22

Met with members of the Parliamentary Group for Portugal-Japan Friendship: House of Representatives members Seishiro Eto, Koichi Tani, and Tomomi Inada.

14:39 – 15:09

Met with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries Akihiro Nishimura, Naoki Okada, and Kazuhiro Sugita; Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management Yoshiki Okita; National Security Secretariat Secretary General Shigeru Kitamura; Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretaries Kazuyuki Furuya and Satoshi Maeda; Special Advisors to the Prime Minister Eiichi Hasegawa and Takaya Imai; MOFA Vice-Minister Akiba; MOFA Consular Affairs Bureau Director-General Koichi Mizushima; MHLW Chief Medical and Global Health Officer Yasuhiro Suzuki; and MLIT Ports and Harbours Bureau Director-General Masayuki Takada.


Left the Kantei.


Arrived at his official residence. Met and chatted with former islanders of the Northern Territories.


Left his official residence.


Arrived at the Kantei.

16:42 – 17:13

Met with Director of Cabinet Intelligence Hiroaki Takizawa.

17:19 – 18:12

Held a meeting of the Council on Investments for the Future.


Left the Kantei.


Arrived at “The Okura Tokyo” hotel in the Toranomon district. Dined with House of Representatives member Tomomi Inada, JXTG Holdings Honorary Executive Consultant Fumiaki Watari and Executive Vice President Junichi Kawada at the hotel’s “Teppanyaki Sazanka” restaurant.


Left the hotel.


Arrives at his private residence in Tokyo’s Tomigaya district.

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