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Japanese, Chinese foreign ministers confirm Xi to visit Japan as planned

  • February 17, 2020
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The Monday editions of all national papers reported that Foreign Minister Motegi and his Chinese counterpart Wang held talks on Saturday in Munich, during which they agreed to work closely to deal with the spread of the new coronavirus. Asahi wrote that they also confirmed that the two sides will prepare for Chinese leader Xi’s visit to Japan in early April as planned. Motegi reportedly told Wang: “Japan and China have a great responsibility for global peace and prosperity. This will be an opportunity to clearly demonstrate at home and abroad our intention to uphold that responsibility.” Wang reportedly responded by saying: “We would definitely like to realize the visit and elevate the Japan-China relationship to a new level.”


In a related development, all national dailies wrote today that China has effectively decided to put off the People’s National Congress scheduled for March 5 so as to concentrate on combating the COVID-19 infection, saying that the postponement may have an impact on Xi’s planned trip to Japan. However, Asahi claimed that the Chinese leadership is determined to go ahead with his visit irrespective of developments at home, quoting a Chinese diplomatic source as saying that the CCP leadership has instructed the Foreign Ministry to move forward with preparations for Xi’s trip even if the National Congress is postponed. The source was quoted as saying: “It will be significant for China to demonstrate to the international community its close bilateral coordination with Japan at a time when more nations are tempted to restrict trade and people-to-people exchanges with China. Conveying such a message through Xi’s visit to Japan will be important.”  

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