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Education minister says all schools in coronavirus-affected areas may need to be closed

  • February 26, 2020
  • , Asahi, Yomiuri, Sankei
  • JMH Summary

Asahi wrote that in response to the growing spread of COVID-19 at schools in Hokkaido and Chiba Prefecture, Education Minister Hagiuda said on Tuesday that if multiple cases of COVID-19 infection are confirmed in a municipality, the local government may consider temporarily closing all schools there regardless of whether students in the region are infected with the virus. The paper wrote that school operators and parents of students expressed mixed reactions to the advice, with some expressing understanding and others expressing reservations. Yomiuri and Sankei wrote that the Hokkaido Board of Education decided on Tuesday to request municipal education boards to temporarily close all public elementary and junior high schools in their districts. Yomiuri wrote that it would be an unusual situation if all 1,600 public schools in the prefecture did in fact close.

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