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U.S., Japan exchange fingerprint data to cooperate in preventing serious crimes

  • March 3, 2020
  • , Asahi evening edition
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Tuesday evening’s Asahi wrote that the National Police Agency (NPA) released the results of the implementation in the past year of the U.S.-Japan agreement on cooperation in preventing and combating serious crime, which allows the two nations to exchange fingerprint data of suspects through an automated online procedure and then exchange their names and criminal records through further inquiries. The paper wrote that the two nations began implementing the accord in January 2019. According to the NPA, it filed 677 requests for fingerprint data with the FBI on an automated basis and there were 617 matching fingerprints. After crosschecking, the police agency identified two criminals and obtained additional information through further inquiries. The FBI filed 771 requests with Japan and there were 16 matching fingerprints.

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