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Diamond Princess passengers released from quarantine in Texas

  • March 4, 2020
  • , NHK digital
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NHK reported online on Wednesday that more than 100 former Diamond Princess passengers who had been quarantined at an Air Force base in Texas since Feb. 17 were allowed to return home on Tuesday. The network reported that although the CDC had originally said they would be required to stay at the base for 14 days, the quarantine was extended after the San Antonio city government declared a local public health emergency on Monday following the finding that a woman who had been exposed to COVID-19 in Wuhan tested positive for the virus after she was released from quarantine at the base. According to the city government, the CDC has modified its protocol in two ways — previously symptomatic quarantined individuals will only be released if they test negative twice within 24 hours and nobody with pending test results will be released.

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