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IOC chief: IOC to follow WHO’s advice on whether to cancel Tokyo Olympics

All networks reported that IOC President Bach said in an interview with a German television station on Thursday that he has been holding meetings with WHO experts regularly on the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics since mid-February, and that if the WHO recommends canceling the games, the committee will follow that recommendation. TBS said that this is the first time for the head of the IOC to comment on the criteria for cancelling the Olympics. The network added, however, that President Bach also said the IOC is still making preparations for “successful” games.


Meanwhile, the networks quoted Tokyo Governor Koike as telling the press this morning: “For Tokyo, canceling the Olympics is not an option.” Olympics Minister Hashimoto was quoted as telling the press today: “We will do our best to open the Tokyo Olympics on July 24 and hold all of the events as scheduled.”


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