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  • March 19, 2020
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NHK gave top play to reports that the COVID-19 death toll in Italy has reached 2,978, and that President Trump announced that he will invoke the Defense Production Act to address a possible medical supply shortage. TBS and Fuji TV led with reports that some Olympic gold medalists around the world have expressed opposition to the IOC’s plan to hold the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics as scheduled. NTV and TV Asahi led with reports that a man in his 50s in Aichi who went to a pub to deliberately spread the new coronavirus died on Wednesday. He reportedly had liver cancer.


Most national dailies led with reports related to the coronavirus pandemic, including a GOJ call for Japanese citizens to exercise caution when traveling to any location abroad, the EU’s ban on the entry of foreign nationals, the development of drugs to treat COVID-19, and GOJ moves to put together a massive pump-priming package.  Asahi gave top play to a lawsuit filed against the central government by the widow of a former Finance Ministry official who committed suicide to take responsibility for the fabrication of official documents connected to the scandal-hit Moritomo Gakuen. The plaintiff is seeking compensation for damage her husband sustained because he was forced to fabricate the documents.  

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